Wedding FAQ

How long before my wedding day should I book my photographer?

As soon as possible! The second you decided on your wedding date and booked the wedding venue it's time to book your photographer. The best wedding photographers in Bloemfontein are usually booked 6 to 12 months in advance. So its vital that you book your photographer well in advance to prevent disappointment.


How to choose your wedding photographer?

Firstly go and have a look at the photographer's portfolio and see if the style of the photographer is really what you are after. It's no use to book a photographer that shoot old-fashioned photographs when your actually looking for something more relaxed and perhaps one or two funky photos.

Get a photographer that suites your style. Get 2 or 3 quotes from wedding photographers in Bloemfontein and start comparing their quotes and see who offers the best value for money. Also make sure that you are 100% comfortable with your photographer. You must feel comfortable in front of the lens as well as with the person behind the lens.

Remember, your photographer must be able to take the lead on your wedding day and ensure that all those special moments are captured. It goes without saying that a professional photographer will use professional photography equipment. Make sure this is the case.


Why is it so important to have an engagement shoot?

The reason why an engagement shoot is so important is that the couple can get comfortable in front of the lens and understand what the photographer wants from them (like posing etc.). This helps a lot on their wedding day as all the parties are comfortable with one another and ensures a successful couple shoot. Secondly, the photographs of the engagement shoot is perfect for your wedding invitations or even a slideshow at the reception venue.

How many hours coverage will the photographer provide on our wedding day?

This will depend on the wedding photography package chosen by the client. We offer an 6,8 and 10 hours coverage of your wedding day. However, we do offer the option for a second photographer to capture additional photographs and cover more angles at a rate of R450 per hour.

Note: Package 3 already includes a second photographer.

What must be ready when the photographer arrives?

The bride must please ensure that all the accessories are available and ready when the photographer arrives. These include:

  • Jewellery
  • Garter
  • Shoes
  • Wedding dress
  • Perfume
  • Wedding rings and any other accessories that the bride wishes to be photographed

Who must be present when the bride is putting on her wedding dress?

When the bride is getting dressed and the room doesn't allow sufficient space its vital that only the bride, mother of the bride and maid of honour is present. The photographer needs space to capture the getting dressed of the bride, putting on jewellery, garter and shoes.

We often experience that a crowed room can easily overwhelm the bride and especially if she is already running late. Nobody wants a photograph of an upset bride! The rest of bride's maids and family may enter the room as soon as the photographer has finished taking the necessary photographs of the bride. It might sound strange that we mention this, but wait until this happens to you on your wedding day.

How long before the ceremony must the bride be ready?

The bride must preferably be ready 30 minutes prior entering the chapel/church. The photographer needs a few minutes to take individual photographs of the bride and if time allows it, of her bride's maids as well.

This is why its so important that everyone commits to the time schedule provided by the photographer to ensure that all the special moments are captured on your big day.

How long after the wedding will our photographs be ready for collection?

This is seasonal depended, but in the peak wedding season the waiting period is two months. Please allow us sufficient time to professionally edit your photographs as we don't wish to provide you, the client, with a sub-standard product. The edited photographs will be worth the wait :-)

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