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Three Services From One Bloemfontein Wedding Supplier

Wouldn't it be great if you can use a local Bloemfontein company that can assist with your wedding photography, videography and sound needs? This is exactly what Snap Photography offers for couples getting married in Bloemfontein or around the Free State. We're a husband and wife team that know the wedding industry by heart. We're so passionate about weddings that we've developed the Bloemfontein Weddings website as well.

Wedding Photographers BloemfonteinOur first service is of course wedding photography. Some of our packages include a husband and wife team that covers the entire wedding day. Unlike other wedding photographers we have decided to only focus on weddings which ensure that you don't have to wait months for your wedding photos.

Wedding Video BloemfonteinWe offer cinematic videography services as well. In 2018 we upgraded our video gear to include mirrorless cameras with gimbals and even a drone to get some creative shots. We cover 2 angles to ensure we don't miss any of the action. Our camera gear allows us to move quickly from one location to another. We offer highlights video as well as fully edited video of your wedding.

Wedding DJ BloemfonteinLastly, all our sound services are offered by Sound Bytes who has been providing sound at weddings and corporate events since 2002. Many of our wedding packages include sound and lighting solutions, however Sound Bytes also offer draping, projectors, screens, staging ... you name it!

This means there is no need for you to shop around and meet with three different wedding suppliers for your Bloemfontein wedding. With one meeting at our offices we'll provide you with all the information to ensure your wedding day is perfect from start to finish. With destination weddings we can help you save on travel fees as we can fit the gear of any two services into one vehicle.

Our Photography Packages start from R9,000 for one wedding photographer.

Download our complete 2020 Wedding Packages (PDF Format)

Gerna (Lead Photographer)

Gerna van Wyk - Wedding Photographers Bloemfontein

Being a primary school teacher I'm used to be creative in the classroom and I love to work with people (kids, parents and colleagues). Shortly after our own wedding in 2012 I assisted my husband with his new wedding videography business.

Within a short period of time I came to know the ins-and-out of the wedding industry. I quickly fell in love with the capturing of the decor, preparations of the bride and the couple shoots at weddings. Although I love videography, I developed a passion for photography as it allowed me to get more creative and gave me the freedom to develop my own style.

I learned from my husband that you're only as good as your equipment. I only use professional wedding photography equipment that will ensure picture perfect photographs, each time. Being your wedding photographer you can expect a relaxing, yet a fun experience on your wedding day.

Louis (Lead Videographer)

Louis van Wyk - Wedding Photographers Bloemfontein

I fell in love with music and electronics at a very early age and started to DJ at weddings in 2001. In 2012 I realised the need for professional, yet affordable videography services in the wedding industry. In a mere two years' time my videography business was established and well-known in Bloemfontein.

In 2014 it became clear that couples getting married wanted an one-stop solution that could include, music, videography and photography. Hence the reason why Snap Photography was born. I'm in charge of all the marketing and technical aspects of Snap Photography.

I'm usually the assistant/backup photographer holding the reflector to ensure that the light falls perfectly on the clients' faces. However, I am also the one that likes to get down and dirty and get those unique angles. I believe the reason why Snap Photography is such a huge success is because of the husband-and-wife-team factor. My wife and I fits like a hand in a glove.

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