Wedding DVD Questions

Before Your Wedding Day

Do I have to pay a booking fee?

Yes, a 50% administration fee is required to ensure the booking of our DVD services. We strictly work on a first-come-first-served basis. Once we receive confirmation of monies deposit into our account your wedding date will be placed on our online calendar for your reference. However, if you book any of our photography packages only 30% deposit will be required to secure your booking. All outstanding monies need to be settled the week prior to the wedding.

Do we have to meet prior to the wedding?

If you are making use of our wedding photography or DJ services, then we strongly recommend that you come and see us the week of your wedding. If you are only making use or wedding DVD services you are still welcome to meet us to discuss any inquiries you may have.

Our offices are located in Langenhovenpark and offers secure parking. We have a very relaxed approach to clients and you're welcome to pop-in at our offices any time during the week. Offices are closed on weekends.

Edited Package Explained

This package is perfect if you would like a complete edited version of your wedding day. Unlike the other package where we only provide the client with highlights video, this package will have all the video edited so that it can be enjoyed like a movie.

We don't capture the bride or groom getting ready, but from the ceremony onwards we'll capture as many angles as possible and convert this onto DVD/Blu-ray/USB. 2 Videographers will be present the entire time with 2 Full HD camcorders as well as a Karma Drone to capture creative angles during the day.

Not only will you receive the highlights video clip, but also two fully edited HD quality DVDs with personalised covers (standard DVD and Blu-ray Discs). We start the day by capturing decor at the reception and ceremony. We remain put at the ceremony and capture all those big moments. We then join the photographer for the couple shoot whilst the second videographer is capturing footage of the guests during the cocktail hour/pre-drinks. At the reception we also capture all the big moments from the bridal pair entering the reception hall, speeches, cutting of the cake, first dance, the tossing of the garter and bouquet.

What's Included:

  • 2 Dedicated Camera Operators
  • 2 Full HD Camcorders With Karma Drone
  • Capturing Of Décor At Ceremony & Reception
  • Full Ceremony Coverage
  • Couple Shoot With Photographer
  • Full Reception Coverage
  • 3-7 minutes Highlights Video
  • All Footage Edited And Provided On DVD:

    2x Copies On DVD: 2x Ceremony, 2x Reception with highlights video
    1x Blu-ray Copy: 1x Ceremony, 1x Reception with highlights video

Highlights Video Package Explained

This package offers great value for only R12,000 (excludes travel fee outside Bloemfontein) . The reason why this package is such a success is because of the highlights video clip, drone footage and 10 hours coverage time. Your friends and family won't really wish to sit and watch your entire wedding DVD of 2 hours! They would rather like to see a short version that covers all the aspects of the day, but within 5 - 10 minutes.

And this is actually what we will do. However, instead of waiting for months for your video to be directed, we promise to upload your highlight video within 21 working days. You can then share the link with your friends or simply share the link on your Facebook page.

The highlight video clip is the perfect 'thank you' gift for your guests as you can forward the link to everyone to watch while the wedding is still 'fresh' in everyone's mind. Furthermore, you will also receive the highlights video on 3x DVD discs.

What's Included:

  • 10 Hours Coverage
  • 1 Dedicated Camera Operator
  • 2 Full HD Camcorders With Karma Drone
  • Capturing Of Décor At Ceremony & Reception
  • Preparation Of Bride & Groom
  • Full Ceremony Coverage
  • Couple Shoot With Photographer
  • Full Reception Coverage
  • 5 - 10 minutes Highlights Video
  • Provided On 3x DVD discs

On Your Wedding Day

At what time will you arrive at the wedding venue?

  • Highlights Video Package starts at 10am (groom getting ready) and ends at 9:30pm.
  • The Edited Package starts at 1pm and will end after all formalities are completed.


How many team members will be attending our wedding?

  • Highlights Video Package: 1 team member
  • Edited Video Package: 2 team members
  • Photography & Video Package: 2 team members
  • All-In-One-Package: 3 - 4 team members


We've heard that sometimes photographers & videographers don't work well together.

Both photographers and videographers want to capture those special moments. It may happen that the one party jumps in front of the other party to capture a specific moment or angle. It may however cause frustration if the one party continuously gets in front of the camera lens.

It's professional common courtesy among photographers and videographers to ensure that they respect each other's shots and to work together as a team. The couple however can rest assure that as professionals we'll always work as a team to make your big day special and unforgettable. We kindly ask that not to hire a photography team that consists of more than 2 photographers. We have personally worked with such a team in Bloemfontein and the end result was devastating. The photographers were all over the place causing us to get terrible angles during the entire course of the day. Not to mention flashes going off every second. The final product was in such a bad state that we refunded the client.


We hear that lighting is usually a headache for videographers. Please explain.

What The Couple Wants:

A beautiful wedding. This may involve a candlelit setting with romantic lighting that defines the venue. You may want the dance floor to be dark when everyone is dancing (most people prefer this since it lowers inhibitions). You also may not want your photographer and videographer to be very noticeable and distracting. Anyone who has had a light shined in their eyes or has seen the glaring light bobbing up and down in the dance crowd understands this. Lights on stands are rarely attractive in a ceremony or reception setting.

What Videographers Want:

Light, light, and more light. Ever been on a movie set? Using 1,000 to 100,000 watt lights is commonplace to give the cameras the light the movie cameras need. So wedding videographers tend to want the same, since without appropriate lighting the footage will not be viewable. Unfortunately there is no such thing as flash videography (photographers have it made in this respect), so the solutions involve either stand-alone lights or a camera-based light. Stand-alone lights are large and bright, often pointed at the ceiling to bounce light around into the room. These involve stands and cords that, when tripped over or knocked over, can present fire and safety hazards. Camera-mounted lights are usually attached to the top of the camera and the light is pointed straight at the subject.

What kind of setup do you require?

To ensure that we provide you with the best possible product at the end of the day, we kindly ask that you assist us with the following request(s):

  • Sufficient working space for each videographer – at least 1.5 metre radius (for tripod & camera movement)
  • We usually allocate a space of about 4 metres away from the priest/pastor/MC
  • No more than 2 photographers allowed per venue/location. (1 Main Photographer & Assistant)
    This means you will already have 4 people running around during your reception (2 Videographers & 2 Photographers)
  • If for whatever reason the above mentioned can't not be provided we can't guarantee our work.


What footage will be covered on our wedding day?

Depending on the package you choose, we’ll be covering all the important events of the day:

  • Décor & Surroundings
  • Getting Ready Of Bride & Groom
  • Ceremony
  • Couple Shoot
  • Reception (Speeches, First Dance, Cutting Of The Cake, Bouquet Toss & Garter Toss)


After Your Wedding Day

We're not located in Bloemfontein. Courier costs?

We will gladly ship the final product to any physical address in South Africa for only R99 (Aramex). Please ensure that you supply us with an address for shipping purposes.


Do you keep backups of our footage?

We keep backups of each wedding for a maximum of 1 (one) month after you have received your video. Due to the large size of Full HD video clips we can't store data for longer than 1 month. Bearing this in mind we urge clients to check their raw footage or edited DVD for any faults. For peace of mind we do create off-site backups whilst busy with the editing of your video. This ensures that data is never lost or stolen.

How long do we have to wait for the final product?

  • Highlights Video Package: Strictly within 21 working days
  • Edited Video Package: Up to 40 working days

How much control do we have in the editing process?

Most weddings follow a natural flow of events and we generally compile the video in this way/format. If you have a special request, please notify us beforehand we start the editing process. Editing is charged at R350 per hour after the product has been provided. However, if a fault is detected or error in the footage it will be repaired/fixed free of charge.