Where To Get Dressed For Your Wedding In Bloemfontein (Bride & Groom)

In the old days wedding photographers never captured the getting dressed of the bride or groom. The photographer only arrived minutes before the ceremony. Nowadays it common (if not the norm) that both the bride and groom wish to get photographed when they get dressed for the big day.

A wedding photographer will always try and find the best spot (and of course light) to capture the couple during their couple shoot. The same goes when the bride and groom is getting dressed. So before booking a room (whether it being at your house, a friend's house or guest house) bear the following in mind, as this will ultimately determine the quality photographs you'll receive from your Bloemfontein wedding photographer.

Guest Photographers At Bloemfontein Weddings

Nowadays technology can be found everywhere. Unfortunately this is also the case at weddings. Gone are the days where smiling and happy faces welcome the bride as she comes down the aisle. Instead she is greeted by faceless guests behind tablets, smart phones and cheap SLR cameras. This is really becoming a sensitive matter at weddings in Bloemfontein as professional wedding photographers don't know how to approach their clients and advise them regarding guests with cameras at the ceremony.

Preferred Time To Get Married In Bloemfontein

One of the decisions you'll have to make for your big day is at what time the wedding bells should ring. Many couples tend to get married as early as three in the afternoon as they want to enjoy as much time as possible with their friends and family on their wedding day. Although, this would be a fairytale come true, it's not the same for wedding photographers. Remember that your wedding photographer in Bloemfontein wants to photograph you and your family with the best available light.

How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer In Bloemfontein

There are currently over 400 photographers in Bloemfontein. That's excluding the hundreds of "kamera eienaars" (someone that owns an SLR camera). Narrow the numbers down and you're left with about 50 professional wedding photographers in Bloemfontein.

Each of these wedding photographers are eagerly awaiting for you to book them for an engagement shoot and hopefully their wedding. But how do you choose the right photographer for your wedding?

Wedding Photographers And Videographers Bloemfontein

Driving around all over Bloemfontein to meet your wedding suppliers can be a expensive exercise (both time and money), especially with the constant increase in petrol price. This is probably why so many brides getting married are looking for weddings suppliers that can offer them more than one service on their big day.

Snap Photography is one of these one-stop wedding vendors in Bloemfontein that offer clients 3 wedding related services.

Engagement Shoots Bloemfontein

It's such a special thing to get engaged and what better way to show this to your friends and family by going for an engagement shoot. These shoots won't cost you an arm and a leg and it will probably be the funniest hour or two you will have prior to your wedding day.

If you are already engaged and haven’t consulted with a photographer for an engagement shoot, then read our 5 reasons why you should do this before your wedding day.

Engagement And Wedding Prop Ideas Bloemfontein

Do yourself a favour and get hold of your parents' wedding album. Now, try and find a single photograph where you can identify a prop. Good luck! Props at weddings are fairly new and it's quite debatable if this is simply a trend or the future of wedding photography.

The golden rule about photography: the star of the show is the person in the photograph, not the prop! So when do you use props or should you even consider using props at all.

Practical Ways To Photograph Wedding Guests

Everyone wants to be part of your wedding day. And sometimes the only way is by means of a photograph. But imagine trying to get all your wedding guests to come and pose for a photograph with the newlyweds? There simply won’t be enough time at the reception to do this. We believe to photograph every wedding guest at least once during the day.


So, follow one of our practical ways of taking table photographs.

Advantages Of A Second Wedding Photographer

Ah yes, the good old question of should I have a second photographer at my Bloemfontein wedding. The answer is a simple YES. If we had our way at Snap Photography we'd never attempt to photograph a wedding without a second shooter.

Needless to say, if the budget doesn't allow a second wedding photographer it's understandable, but the second shooter is worth every. Read why ...

Engagement And E-Shoots Bloemfontein

Wedding photographers in Bloemfontein love engagement shoots (or e-shoots). It allows the photographers to get creative and better understand the needs of their clients. The engaged couple gets the chance to get comfortable in front of the lens and understand how the photographer wants them to pose. But before one starts with the engagement shoot, let's go back to the basics.