Where To Get Dressed For Your Wedding In Bloemfontein (Bride & Groom)

In the old days wedding photographers never captured the getting dressed of the bride or groom. The photographer only arrived minutes before the ceremony. Nowadays it common (if not the norm) that both the bride and groom wish to get photographed when they get dressed for the big day.

A wedding photographer will always try and find the best spot (and of course light) to capture the couple during their couple shoot. The same goes when the bride and groom is getting dressed. So before booking a room (whether it being at your house, a friend's house or guest house) bear the following in mind, as this will ultimately determine the quality photographs you'll receive from your Bloemfontein wedding photographer.


Book the right bridal suite in Bloemfontein for your wedding


Location, Location, Location

If both the bride and groom is getting dressed at the wedding venue the location isn't really an important factor as both parties will be on the premises. However, it's vital that if you are not getting dressed at the wedding venue that you book a guest house as close as possible to the venue - for both the bride and groom. This ensures that you photographer will be able to capture both parties without the need to drive to two separate locations (which might just save you money on travelling and paying for a second shooter).

Imagine if you are getting dressed 10km away from the venue and that old vintage car that you paid so much for, breaks down. The same goes for if the bride is running late. 10km's drive can take anything from 10 - 20 minutes. Your guests won't be really happy to see you if you are already running 20 minutes late for your own wedding.



Natural Light Guestshouses Bloemfontein For Weddings
Natural Light & Clean, Open Space Is A Must!


Natural Light & Open Space

This is probably the most important “must have” for any Bloemfontein wedding photographer! A photographer needs light and space to pose the bride or groom. If one of these elements are absent it will be impossible for the photographer to ensure quality. Period.

So let's break this down ...


  • Natural light: Light (from the sun, not light bulbs or LED lights) that enters a room from outside. Don't be fooled by guest houses that tell you to just 'switch on more lights'. That is not what natural light is. Our personal experience have shown that a room with more natural light will instantly provide a higher quality photograph. Tried and tested!


  • Open space: Space within a room (with natural light) that offers no clutter where the photographer can capture either the bride or groom as they get dressed. A wedding photographer will be looking for a clean spot to pose the bride or groom. So it might be a good idea to tidy the bed, kitchenette, lounge area ... basically ensure that the entire room is neat and tidy!

The second part of the 'open space' factor is 'available space'. Don't book a room that can only handle traffic of 3 people when you know that:

  • You have to get dressed there
  • Your 3 brides maids
  • Your videographer with their tripod capturing the moments
  • And your photographer as well


Imagine all of them in one room ... and you're already 5 minutes late for your own wedding. There you go ... instant Bridezilla! Why? Just because you booked a room that didn't offer sufficient space.

Rather book another guest house or venue or book 2 rooms. You will be your photographer's number one fan if you book a room just for the getting dressed and beauty shots. Utilise the first room for the bride's maids to get dressed.

NOTE: Brides maids must get dressed 30 minutes before the bride does. When a photographer starts taking photographs of the bride getting ready all the brides maids must be present and done with their make-up and hair. We personally have had bride's arriving late at the ceremony due to brides maids not getting dressed on time. It's the maid/matron of honor to ensure that all the bride's maids are ready and on time.




Capturing Bride & Groom Accessories At Their Wedding



When your wedding photographer enters the room they will most probably ask for the accessories/detail first. Make sure to have these ready for your photographer.

Bride's Accessories:

  • Gown
  • Shoes
  • Bracelet
  • Bouquet
  • Garter
  • Perfume
  • Tiara
  • Ear Rings
  • Thank You Gifts etc


Groom's Accessories:

  • Suit
  • Shoes & Socks
  • Tie/Bow Tie
  • Cologne/After Shave
  • Wedding Rings
  • Thank You Gifts etc


Make your 'getting dressed' photographs look awesome by just keeping the above in mind. Everyone will arrive at the ceremony on time and feeling great! No Bridezillas necessary :-)