Guest Photographers At Bloemfontein Weddings

Nowadays technology can be found everywhere. Unfortunately this is also the case at weddings. Gone are the days where smiling and happy faces welcome the bride as she comes down the aisle. Instead she is greeted by faceless guests behind tablets, smart phones and cheap SLR cameras. This is really becoming a sensitive matter at weddings in Bloemfontein as professional wedding photographers don't know how to approach their clients and advise them regarding guests with cameras at the ceremony.


The Scenario

The doors of the chapel open and in comes the bride and her father. The wedding photographer has adjusted his/her professional camera (SLR Body: R25,000+) to ensure the best exposure with the available light in the room (with a R25,000+ professional lens and flash) and the second the photographer wants to capture that special moment of the bride and father a guest jumps in front of his pre-selected angle and takes a picture with his R1,500 digital camera with a pop-up flash.

Honestly, who do you think would could have captured that special moment better?

Luckily this problem only occurs at the ceremony. So what could one do to ensure that you don't insult your wedding guests, but still allow the wedding photographer that capture all the specia moments?


The Solution

A professional wedding photographer will consult with their client and ask that they instruct their pastor/priest/religious person to KINDLY ask your wedding guests if they can:

  • Switch off their mobile phones
  • Put away any digital cameras
  • But, to ensure that nobody feels insulted the priest must mention that after the first kiss all the guests can come forward and take a picture of the newly weds with their tablets, smart phones, digital camera ... you name it!

This will ensure that the wedding photographer captures all the special moments and that the guests will have the opportunity to have a photo taken of the newly weds.

Snap Photography together with Sound Bytes have tried and tested this occasionally with great results. See the video below as to how the priest/pastor handled the situation very professionally without insulting any of the guests.



Thus, by simply asking the priest/pastor/bishop to mention this to your guests you can have breathtaking photographs taken but still keep all your guests happy. Please take some time and watch the video below to understand the frustration your wedding photographer has at the ceremony. It's really worth the watch!