Wedding Photographers And Videographers Bloemfontein

Driving around all over Bloemfontein to meet your wedding suppliers can be a expensive exercise (both time and money), especially with the constant increase in petrol price. This is probably why so many brides getting married are looking for weddings suppliers that can offer them more than one service on their big day.

Snap Photography is one of these one-stop wedding vendors in Bloemfontein that offer clients 3 wedding related services.


Snap Photography


One Stop Wedding Suppliers Bloemfontein Wedding photography is the first service offered by Snap Photography. We offer our clients the option to start with an engagement shoot and finally capturing their wedding day. We offer 3 wedding photography packages for clients to choose from. We only use professional photography equipment. The first service offered by Snap Photography is wedding photography.


Sound Bytes


One Stop Wedding Suppliers BloemfonteinSnap photography has teamed up with Sound Bytes that offers AV solutions at weddings in Bloemfontein. Sound Bytes has been in the wedding industry for over 15 years and knows the wedding venues by heart. Clients will receive discount on Sound Bytes sound quotations if they make use of Snap Photography's services.

One Stop Wedding Suppliers BloemfonteinThe third service offered is wedding videography services. Clients can choose between 3 videography packages. Instead of the client having to drive to 3 different suppliers they can find photography, sound and videography services under one roof. Snap Photography's premises offer adequate parking space and you're always greeted by cup of coffee. Stretch your wedding budget even further by using one-stop wedding suppliers.