Practical Ways To Photograph Wedding Guests

Everyone wants to be part of your wedding day. And sometimes the only way is by means of a photograph. But imagine trying to get all your wedding guests to come and pose for a photograph with the newlyweds? There simply won’t be enough time at the reception to do this. We believe to photograph every wedding guest at least once during the day.


So, follow one of our practical ways of taking table photographs.


Table photographs are tricky in terms of:


  • Getting all the guests at the table present for the photograph
  • Ensuring you get everybody in the shot
  • No décor (centerpieces) are in the way
  • Sufficient lighting available to ensure a well-lit photograph


There are basically 2 ways to ensure that your getting table photographs of your wedding guests and it's usually just before the main course.


Option 1

The MC announces the procedure for dishing up and which table should go first etc. What happens next is that each table (before getting their meal) must come to the main table and take a photograph. Why the main table? Well, the newlyweds are already present and ready for the photograph; the main table usually has the most ambient lighting available in the room and already beautifully decorated with flowers.

Within minutes you’ll have all the photographs taken of the guests and one more formality is taken care of. The guests would have been standing in a queue anyway to wait for their food! The only negative thing about this option is that the newlyweds will be the last to eat as they have to wait for all the tables to get photographed.


Option 2

This is a lot like the first option; however, the guests will get photographed without the newlyweds. This way the couple can mingle with their friends and family and eat whenever they feel like it.

We do however not recommend that the photographer goes to each table and take the photographs as the guests are usually not present and centrepieces need to be removed (and a glass centrepiece filled with water will not go well if it breaks!)

When we meet the client for the first time we will consult with them the best way to photograph their wedding guests.