Engagement And E-Shoots Bloemfontein

Wedding photographers in Bloemfontein love engagement shoots (or e-shoots). It allows the photographers to get creative and better understand the needs of their clients. The engaged couple gets the chance to get comfortable in front of the lens and understand how the photographer wants them to pose. But before one starts with the engagement shoot, let's go back to the basics.


What To Wear To An Engagement Shoot


#1 - Keep The Location In Mind


  • Nature Shoot: If the engagement shoot is going to take place with a nature background (long grass, trees etc) then it would be a good idea to wear soft natural colours. Please don't wear a green shirt/skirt as you will fade away between the green grass.
  • Urban Shoot: When going for a city shoot we recommend wearing brighter colours so that you can stand out from the surroundings, but keep the dress code smart.
Urban Engagement Shoot Bloemfontein
Urban Engagement Shoot
Nature Engagement Shoot Bloemfontein
Nature Engagement Shoot



#2 Be yourself, Be comfortable

Remember the whole idea of the engagement shoot is to capture two people in love doing things they love. So wear something that you are comfortable with - something that when you show your photographs to your friends they will be like "That is so you guys".


The Guys

The Girls

  • Wear solid or simple patterns. Solid colours work great.
  • No printed t-shirts please and keep patterns to a minimum.
  • Keep it simple! A slim-fit buttoned shirt and denim jean won't let you look bigger than what you really are and it surely helps with the 'sexy factor'.
  • Add a pair of stylish sneakers or shoes and you're ready for the engagement shoot!
  • If your fiancée is wearing a dress, then show up to the shoot dressed a tad more stylish.
  • If she is coming with a jean and funky boots then get ready with a stylish tie and shoes.
  • If in doubt, a cute cocktail dress is always a safe way to go.
  • Fitted clothing will make you look even more slimmer and sexy.
  • If you own some funky jewellery now is the perfect time to show it off to the world.
  • A nice jean with a stylish top will work great at the engagement shoot.
  • If bringing along high heels, make sure to add a pair of comfortable shoes as well.
  • Get your hair done and put on some make-up. If your budget allows it, get a professional make-up artist for the shoot. It will be worth every penny.
  • Or ... schedule your wedding trail make-up on the same day as the shoot - at no extra cost and you will look great on each photograph.


What To Wear To Engagement Shoots Bloemfontein What To Wear To Engagement Shoots Bloemfontein What To Wear To Engagement Shoots BloemfonteinWhat To Wear To Engagement Shoots Bloemfontein What To Wear To Engagement Shoots Bloemfontein What To Wear To Engagement Shoots Bloemfontein What To Wear To Engagement Shoots Bloemfontein What To Wear To Engagement Shoots Bloemfontein

Note: You don't have to wear matchy-matchy colours to make the statement "WE ARE A COUPLE". A light and bold shade of the same colour will do wonders and it won't come across so cheesy. Please no bright white matching shirts - unless you are doing a powder paint shoot. It's also a great idea to bring along another outfit so that if time allows it you can end up with an engagement shoot that looks like it was done over a 2 day period.



#3 What To Bring Along

Props For Engagement ShootsNo shoot is complete without at least one prop. However, the props shouldn't be dominating the engagement shoot - it's still about 2 people in love! So what props can make an engagement shoot fun? Where to start ...

  • Save the date cards can be a "Thank You" or "Save The Date" sign.
  • Bring along funky sunglasses or hats
  • Balloons (blue and pink) or just one BIG balloon to make a statement
  • If you play an instrument bring it with or anything else that is personal for the couple



#4 When?

Whether it's an engagement shoot or wedding in Bloemfontein we prefer to take photographs an hour before sunset (golden hour).



#5 Why?

Sunset Is The Best Time For Engagement Shoots In BloemfonteinFirstly, any time before that and we'll be dealing with the scorching sun which will be casting dreadful shadows. You don't want to be squinting on all your photographs? An hour before sunset will allow us to capture some great photographs and play around with the sun's soft rays. At that time of day the light is so soft and it creates the perfect exposure to photograph the engaged couple without having to worry about direct sunlight. If you are lucky enough to take the shoot on a cloudy day the photographs can be taken throughout the entire day.

We mainly do engagement shoots on Sundays as most of the locations will have little to no crowds. Some couples might feel intimated if they have an audience looking over their shoulders at the shoot. No engagement shoots are done on Saturdays. Why? Purely because we are wedding photographers and will probably be photographing the bride and groom somewhere in Bloemfontein. People tend to get married on a Saturday :-)

By keeping the above mentioned in mind we'll do our utmost to ensure that your engagement shoot photographs not only look great, but spectacular. If you're still not sure what to wear, simply pop into our offices during the week and we'll give you some great tips!